Dear America, Use your words…

The Scenario: You're in the kitchen fixing a gorgeous pin-worthy lunch for your six- and eight-year-olds, Brandon and Gemma. From the living room, you hear voices rising, not in a spirited chorus of the latest Disney hit, but the tell-tale shrieking of futile disagreement. Upon investigation, you find the kiddos in a heated argument over what TV show they should be watching. Brandon's teeth are clenched, and his arms are madly waving in the air. Gemma has her hands on her hips, and you fear her neck will break if she stretches it any further forward. Veins are popping. Eyes are bulging. The … [Read more...]

Marriage: And the negative cloud lifts…an emotional purge.

I just found out that June 23rd was reserved for an observance called "Let It Go Day." I had to chuckle a little because for the hubz and I, that's exactly what it's been. Last night, over a bottle of wine and under a moonlit sky, we began a conversation that took us into the wee hours of this morning. A very important conversation. It started out as a typical post-bedtime "whhheeww...we survived another one" convo, but soon morphed into a complete and utter purge of every inner demon that we've harbored within ourselves for the 16 years we've been together. It wasn't about finger … [Read more...]

Sisters, Skype and Serious Silliness

I've mentioned before that my family relies heavily on technology to stay close. It's a blessing to be able to hop onto Skype and exchange articles, swap pictures and chit chat about our daily lives. It's also a great way for us to find support when we need a safe place to blow off steam or bawl our eyes out. We may be miles apart, but when our video cameras are on, we can all be in the same room. And, when Stevie, Amy and I are all in the same room--in person or virtually--you never know where the conversation may go. Sometimes it'll turn into showing each other pictures of actresses we … [Read more...]

Marriage: 15 Ways to Show Him You Care

Showing your husband or significant other how much you love him is as important to your family's happiness as actually saying the words "I love you." When he feels loved and your kids see how much you care about each other, it strengthens your family bond and gives your children a clear view of what they can look forward to in a healthy relationship. In the beginning of your relationship, showering your special someone with lovin' was easy, because it was automatic...and there weren't all those pesky mutual responsibilities in your lives. As your family and those responsibilities grew, the … [Read more...]

Sometimes it takes James Marsters to make great things happen…

This morning started out just like the rest, a blur of diaper changes and emails to answer, when out of the blue, the hubz mentions that James Marsters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is performing a concert in Chicago in honor of his 50th birthday. First thought: Errr...what? Spike's 50? He could have totally been my teen daddy. Second thought: Ahh well, still hot. Third thought: I'm. So. There. I've been a fan of James Marsters since his Buffy days. Not only is he a rad actor (No, sadly Spike's accent isn't real. And, yes, I almost needed therapy when I found out years after I'd … [Read more...]

Polar Opposites: Married to My Foil

The hubz and I are basically polar opposites. I'm eardrum-shattering loud; he's mumble-at-best quiet. I love social situations; he'd rather be a hermit. I like to be cold; he's begging for more blankets. He works like lightning and I'm the pokey little puppy. You get the picture. Year's ago when we were first dating, our differences were mysterious. For someone who grew up with an equally loud, outgoing family, dating a shy, quiet guy was intriguing. I was a heart on my sleeve kind of gal, and he played everything close to the vest. Every day was a new discovery. Now that we've … [Read more...]