Bumping back bedtime: Changing the routine for summer

I'm currently lying in my bed pretending I don't hear my boys quietly chattering amongst themselves. They think they're being stealthy and flying under the radar, but the truth is, I'm enjoying the last official school night bedtime of the 2012-2013 calendar. My husband and I plan on keeping them to a somewhat regular schedule, but we know that the 8pm lights out is going to be a tad unrealistic given the sun likes to party on past 9. As much as I love that extra hour of quiet time with the hubz at night, I'm willing to make some adjustments in the interest of choosing my … [Read more...]

Amy: I’m grateful my children have a wonderful father

This past weekend my poor girls were struck with ear, lung, and nasal infections. Since then, it's been a constant round of different medications - both prescribed and over the counter. I feel so bad for them being sick. I messaged my husband as soon as our nurse practitioner told me what was wrong and then set about calling in their prescriptions. My husband messaged me back, “My babies. Take good care of them. Lots of cuddles with daddy tonight.” I know I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and outstanding father for my children. Not only has he been up all night with … [Read more...]

In Memory of My Lost Angels: I am 1 in 4

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. And, while I support observances for many causes which I hold dear, this one is of particular importance to me. Not only am I included in the 1 out of 4 women in the US who has suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or a baby's passing, but I personally know and love many other women, family and friends, who have as well. Some, like me, have even endured multiple losses. Thinking of all these remarkable women who share in my grief, I've struggled to write this post for two days. What do I say? Do I share … [Read more...]

Sorry, but “sorry” doesn’t cut it…

Whenever our kids hurt each other, be it name-calling or all out brawling, we've always made them apologize to the recipient as part of the resolution. Admitting they were wrong after getting angry can be really hard for them, but making amends is important. You can't just trample on someone's feelings...or body...and not say you're sorry. However, somewhere along the way, the boys have taken this lesson and turned it into the notion that they can do what they want as long as they apologize afterward. For example: Thing 1: You smell like dirty underwear. Thing 2: *Tearing up* … [Read more...]

Is it time for a swear jar?

Know someone who could benefit from an extra reminder not to cuss? Maybe it's time for a swear jar. You've heard of them right? No? The basic idea is that nothing stings an adult like punishing the pocketbook. So, whenever the household potty mouth utters a swear word, he or she has to put a predetermined amount of money into the swear jar as a reminder that no good comes from cussing. Every time a bad word comes out, a little dough goes in. The money can be set aside for vacation spending money, a trip to the ice cream shop or a pedicure for mommy--whatever your "family" decides. ;) … [Read more...]

Simmer Down Moments: Handling Correction with Love

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. ~Aibileen Clark, The Help There are a lot of wonderful things about the book and movie, The Help, but this quote touches me every time I hear it. While Aibileen was the little girl's nanny, she was giving a gift to her that every mom should give to her children--the daily affirmation that they are important and loved unconditionally. As a mom, I spend a lot of time correcting my children's behaviors. "That's not safe." "Don't do that." "Focus on your homework." "Don't forget this." "That's the wrong foot." "Say … [Read more...]