Teen Designs Wireless Headphones with Hearing Loss Prevention in Mind

I have a confession. Listening to music is a big part of my life, but I don't always enjoy it responsibly. I love it loud. At times, dangerously loud. I have a tendency to take that baby up to 11 if I'm really feeling the vibe. Still, I'm constantly telling my kids to listen at safe volumes to prevent permanent damage. Hypocritical, I know, but it's safe to wager that there are a great many parents guilty of the same "do as I say, not as I do" mentality when it comes to their tunes. It wasn't until I came across an interesting story about young inventor, Kingsley Cheng, that I really … [Read more...]

1SaleADay: Boston Strong T-Shirt All Proceeds to One Fund Boston

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 1SaleADay is paying affiliates from their pockets and not from the sales of these shirts. All proceeds of the sales are being passed along to One Fund Boston to help those affected by the tragic events of the marathon bombings. Show your support for the city of Boston with the Boston Strong tee. This incredible shirt was designed by artist John Connell which showcases the insignia of Boston’s First Responders, with the iconic Boston shamrock and area code 617 set against a backdrop of the city’s skyline. The shirt is also emblazoned with the … [Read more...]

About that “Awareness” thing…be respectful #AtoZChallenge

Every day, no matter where we go -- online or in the real world -- we're constantly coming across "awareness" materials. Bumper stickers. Pamphlets. Billboards. Fundraisers. Status updates. Shirts. Tweets. Pins. Posts. Petitions... I could go on all day. Everywhere we turn, someone is making us aware. It's almost overwhelming. And, for the most part, I think it's a good thing. There's a reason for these efforts. Passion. Passion about finding answers, cures, tolerance, understanding, equality...the reasons are as endless as the causes themselves. It's through these campaigns and platforms … [Read more...]

Stop A Monster: Support Kony 2012 and Save Children’s Lives

A friend shared the following short film on Facebook this morning, and through my tears I came to know the face of a living, breathing, murderous monster--Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony is a Ugandan rebel who's captured over 30,000 children in his country and turned them into slaves for no more than greed and power. The children are stolen from their beds at night and forced to kill their own parents. After being taken to Kony's camp, the girls are turned into sex slaves and the boys become soldiers--killing, torturing, raping--against their wills. It's a horrific truth that has been hidden … [Read more...]

Living With My Eating Disorder

It's hard for people to understand what it's like to have an eating disorder unless they've actually been there. Today, Bethany continues her story by sharing what her daily life is like and views of food as a lifelong sufferer of body image issues and eating disorders. If you didn't read yesterday's post, The Origin of My Eating Disorder, it is an intimate look at how Bethany's story, and struggle, began. ~Jessi~ I don’t have the luxury of a treat being just a treat, or taking a little taste. If I have a fry--I blew it. If I eat something more than what I a lot myself--I blew it. … [Read more...]

The Origin of My Eating Disorder

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), eating disorders effect up to 24,000,000 men, women and children of all ages. Today, we'd like to welcome Bethany, an MGF reader who bravely came forward to share the origin of her lifelong struggle with eating disorders. Because her story is extremely personal and honest, we've changed her name for her privacy. ~Jessi~ No one is certain what causes an individual to suffer from an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, etc. There are many types of eating disorders … [Read more...]