Brilliant Blue Beans #AtoZChallenge

When it comes to jelly beans, there is clearly a best. Blue Now, I realize that there are many types of jellybeans, and depending on the makers, each blue varies from the next. Where its clear superiority comes into play is that the variance isn't so great that you're taken completely by surprise when you pop one in your mouth. Generally speaking, blue is a berry flavor. It may be blueberry or raspberry. There may be a hint of lemonade to give it a twist. But at the end of the day, it's a berry flavor. The only rare exception is when a manufacturer tries to be cute and makes it a cotton … [Read more...]

Notice: Don’t pet the peeves – #31DayMarch

Pet peeves. Ugh. The list of little things that irk me is so long I should probably just script my inevitable episode of Snapped. I'm not proud of being so touchy, but the older I get the more pronounced they seem. Maybe it's because I'm trying to keep my sons from adapting these behaviors, or could it possibly be that I'm just getting nastier with age? Probably the latter, but whatever. I'm woman enough to own it. Out of my many pet peeves there are several that irritate me far beyond the rest. Since most of the things that bug me are common to most people with, well, manners, I'll … [Read more...]

Macaroni “Anger Tab” Conspiracy

I'm a huge fan of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. After all, it's the cheesiest or something. The one thing I absolutely can't stand about it, or understand about it, is the little notch on the side of the box that's supposed to make pouring convenient. I can NEVER get the stupid thing to pop open correctly. NEVER. NEVER!!! Instead, I mangle the box trying to press the stupid thing in, inevitably get angry and ultimately, just tear the whole freakin' top off the thing. I know I'm not the only one who loses this fight on a regular basis. So, this morning when my son asked for "choni" for … [Read more...]

Girly Products: Does your man know your brand?

When it comes to feminine products, most women have definite preferences. We know exactly what we like and why. Ladies understand that not all girly products are made with the same quality; not to mention that there's a distinct difference between tampons and pads. It's a girl thing. And we take it seriously. Men, however, don't have a clue, and really, why would they want one? It's not like most of us are experts in products for jock itch treatments. I don't even know if you use a powder or a cream for that. And, frankly, I don't want to know. Why do I bring this up? Well, because … [Read more...]

Clearing Out Some Cranky

It's only a couple days until Christmas, and I'm nowhere near in the spirit. Maybe it's because there's no snow. Perhaps it's because, due to scheduling conflicts, I won't see my siblings until after the new year begins. It could possibly be that the whole "Santa's watching" thing doesn't work on my kids. But, most likely, it's because I'm a raging ball of PMS and can't even stand myself. So, rather than the cheery, "Thumbs Up for Christmas" type post I was going to write, I'm going to list some crap that gets on my nerves, and hopefully, pouring out some of the nasty will make some room … [Read more...]