Odd Family Tradition: The Game

Have you ever come upon a bizarre knickknack in a resale shop and wondered why anyone would have ever bought the thing the first time? You don't know who's weirder - the person that purchased it or the freakazoid that made the damn thing in the first place. Puzzling. It was one of those moments that inspired a little game that has been played in my family for several years now, and has recently intensified. Years ago, during a totally random thrift shopping excursion, I happened upon a weird little windmill. I stared at it for a while wondering about the whos and whys of its origin, but … [Read more...]

The D Haiku #AtoZChallenge

I totally dropped the ball and didn't get a "D" post in for the A to Z Challenge. So, since I've only got 33 minutes left to come up with something I'm rocking out a quick and dirty haiku. Dreamers don't demand Dramatic dragons drinking Dainty daiquiris This sad little post is an effort to keep me on track for the A to Z Challenge. To join in the fun, click on the badge in my sidebar. Daiquiri picture found on Flickr. … [Read more...]

Brilliant Blue Beans #AtoZChallenge

When it comes to jelly beans, there is clearly a best. Blue Now, I realize that there are many types of jellybeans, and depending on the makers, each blue varies from the next. Where its clear superiority comes into play is that the variance isn't so great that you're taken completely by surprise when you pop one in your mouth. Generally speaking, blue is a berry flavor. It may be blueberry or raspberry. There may be a hint of lemonade to give it a twist. But at the end of the day, it's a berry flavor. The only rare exception is when a manufacturer tries to be cute and makes it a cotton … [Read more...]

Notice: Don’t pet the peeves – #31DayMarch

Pet peeves. Ugh. The list of little things that irk me is so long I should probably just script my inevitable episode of Snapped. I'm not proud of being so touchy, but the older I get the more pronounced they seem. Maybe it's because I'm trying to keep my sons from adapting these behaviors, or could it possibly be that I'm just getting nastier with age? Probably the latter, but whatever. I'm woman enough to own it. Out of my many pet peeves there are several that irritate me far beyond the rest. Since most of the things that bug me are common to most people with, well, manners, I'll … [Read more...]

It’s time: The Mommy Milestone Merit Sash

I received my first "Your kid just Linda Blaired in the classroom; come get him before he gives everyone the plague" call today. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't seem to find that entry space in his baby book. What gives? I think it's totally bogus that children get all the credit for their firsts, as long as someone somewhere thought it was precious at some point in time. First tooth? There's a slot in the baby book. First word...or sound that almost, sort of, kinda resembles a word to mom - and mom alone? There's a slot in the baby book. First beloved toy (which means the … [Read more...]

Sisters, Skype and Serious Silliness

I've mentioned before that my family relies heavily on technology to stay close. It's a blessing to be able to hop onto Skype and exchange articles, swap pictures and chit chat about our daily lives. It's also a great way for us to find support when we need a safe place to blow off steam or bawl our eyes out. We may be miles apart, but when our video cameras are on, we can all be in the same room. And, when Stevie, Amy and I are all in the same room--in person or virtually--you never know where the conversation may go. Sometimes it'll turn into showing each other pictures of actresses we … [Read more...]