My hobby…painting my fingernails #31DayMarch

Here's a little piece of Jessi trivia, until this past year, I'd never had a hobby -- like, ever. There's just nothing that ever kept my attention for a long period of time. It wasn't for a lack of looking, I just never found anything that stuck outside of listening to music and watching a ridiculous number of bad B-movie horror flicks. Then, about eight months ago, I started painting my nails. It started out with quick home manicures, but quickly escalated to a full-on events. When I sit down to do my nails, it's a process that usually takes a couple hours from start to finish -- and … [Read more...]

Let the Zumba craziness resume…

During the summer, I started doing a daily Zumba workout to a video playlist I put together on YouTube. I fell off the workout wagon after some family stuff took priority, and I've been super slow to get back on. Today, I looked in the mirror and just didn't like what I saw. Not only have I gained back all the weight I'd lost, but I just wasn't anywhere near as happy with everything in my life as I was when I was working out and eating right. So, my first reaction was to grab some cheese sticks out of the freezer and snarf them down. Then, I immediately had the urge to kick myself in the … [Read more...]

Fashion Confession: My Clothing Collection

By looking at my closet, some might think I'm a shopaholic, but my clothing and accessory collection has been an ongoing labor of love. I? Am a clothing collector. Frankly, I don’t see the difference between picking up beautiful pieces of clothing and adding to any other collection. Some girls like snow globes, I like couture. It's important to point out that my collection has taken years and a ton of bargain shopping and resale hunting to get this extensive. I love my pieces and enjoy the thrill of adding a beautiful blouse here and a flowy scarf there. As a child, my hero was my … [Read more...]

Pinterest: Mama Loves It

Are you into Pinterest? Or have you been wondering what it's all about? Since I started using the popular site, I've turned into a total Pinterest junkie. It's so totally addictive, both to browse and actually participate. I love seeing what others share and love pinning my own goodies, too. If you haven't spent much time on the site, you could be missing out. Besides catching up on what your friends and contacts find new and interesting, one of the best features is being able to check out boards that belong to other people outside your regular circles. Pinterest offers a cool … [Read more...]

W!n a Trip to NYC: Wants to Know – Who Makes You Smile?

Who makes you smile? Your kids? Your puppy? Your significant other? Wouldn't it be awesome to get a free trip to New York, a huge wad of dough and pampered like a queen--just for spreading the joy of your sassy smile? Share a great photo of you and a special someone and a short blurb about your picture with the folks at and you might just win yourself a trip to New York City for a professional teeth-whitening makeover! That's right. An all-expense paid trip, $1000 spending money and a professional photo shoot for you and a super lucky plus one to the Big Apple. … [Read more...]

Simmer Down Moments: Handling Correction with Love

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. ~Aibileen Clark, The Help There are a lot of wonderful things about the book and movie, The Help, but this quote touches me every time I hear it. While Aibileen was the little girl's nanny, she was giving a gift to her that every mom should give to her children--the daily affirmation that they are important and loved unconditionally. As a mom, I spend a lot of time correcting my children's behaviors. "That's not safe." "Don't do that." "Focus on your homework." "Don't forget this." "That's the wrong foot." "Say … [Read more...]