Trashed to Treasured: How to Make a Jewelry Plaque from Odd and Ends

Okay, so being a mom, I see my share of busted stuff thanks to my little cherubs. While it's always extremely frustrating when things get destroyed, I tend to save parts if they're in good shape. Not only have I used leftover parts to fix things around the house, but sometimes I come up with new crafting projects to turn the trash into treasures. It's totally satisfying to breathe life into the broken, old, and worn down to make it new and useful again. So, today I decided to gather all my best broken pieces to make a new jewelry plaque to keep all my baubles and bits organized. (Mama … [Read more...]

Arts and Crafts: Fun Foam Pencil Holder

Recently, my desk has become a cluttered mess, especially since I spend most, if not all, my working hours at my computer. I decided that it was time to get organized and get my children involved in helping me with this project, not because I believe in child labor, but because I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a craft with my kids! Pencil holders anyone?     Here are the supplies you will need:   5 ½ X 8 ½ Foam in multiple colors Foam Shapes and Letters Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Google Eyes Old Buttons Pom … [Read more...]

Halloween Craft: Make Your Own Kitty Ears Headband

I love making crafts that because they're each something special that is all my own. With Halloween coming I've been getting extra creative and crafty! Here is one simple craft that I did this month using materials that I already had stashed away. This idea came to me as of recent, but it was a super fun project that I think you will all enjoy…cat ears! Here are the materials you will need: • Colored foam • Crazy Yarn • Faux Fur • Headband • Ribbon (Optional) • Glue Gun This project is easy and fun. You can make it for boys, girls or your sassy self! It’s super cute and here … [Read more...]