Five Children’s Movies I Love #AtoZChallenge

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, it's no secret that I've got little love for most children's television programming. With very few exceptions, like Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls, I just can't get myself to watch them. They annoy me. Animated children's movies are a different story entirely. In fact, there haven't been many that I didn't immediately fall in love with. And, luckily for me, my family -- the hubz included -- enjoys them just as much as I do. The following children's movies are among my top five favorite animated kiddie flicks since becoming a mom (a full list … [Read more...]

Everyday random acts of kindness #31DayMarch

I feel kind of awful saying this, but I don't remember my last random act of kindness specifically. My personal philosophy is to just try to be a good person in general. It's my hope that when my kids see me pitch in a couple bucks when the lady ahead of me falls short on her grocery tab or take the extra five minutes to shovel the neighbor's snow, that they'll soak in the lesson that kindness is a way of life. When I can do something to help someone out or make them smile I feel it's an investment in the bank of goodwill. I think the blessings we give always come back to us somehow. … [Read more...]

Best childhood memory? One? Righhht… #31DayMarch

Today’s prompt is “Best Childhood Memory” and I honestly can’t narrow the field down to a single “best” day, event or experience. Instead, I’m going to say my best childhood memory was always being so thoroughly loved. My parents worked hard to give us what we needed and be there for us, which meant making sacrifices over the years. The biggest , in my eyes, was time together. Throughout our early childhood, they worked opposite shifts so we always had a parent at home. It wasn't until I was married with children that I realized how much time together they forfeited to do what they felt was … [Read more...]

Not so Magical Memories: The Cooper Boys Kinda Build Snowman

Before we become moms, all women have fantasies about what life will be like with our kids. We think about their names, what they'll look like, the life lessons we'll expertly teach them and, of course, all the special mommy and me activities we'll get to share as they grow. We've all whiled away hours daydreaming about how these adventures in quality time would play out. In our heads, they would happen whenever we wanted them to and everything would go smoothly. Each event would be worthy of its own entry in a mommy how-to book so incredibly perfect only mothers who were completely … [Read more...]

Reading time reminder…pity party cancelled.

I love autumn. The falling leaves and the crisp air are refreshing to me. Football and cocoa are staples of the season and I love every bit of it. Well, almost every bit of it. During that awkward transition from the hot summer days to chilly fall nights, I have a terrible time with frequent migraines. Once the weather settles, I'm okay, but during those obnoxious roller coaster weeks when it can be frosty one day and shorts weather the next, my brain goes haywire. The last few days have been like that for me. A swift dip in the temperature, compounded by rain, rain and more rain, has … [Read more...]

Momless Morning

Last week a stomach bug circulated through my family and as in every other house, it was only a matter of time before mom had to take her turn. It started Wednesday night, and when Thursday morning reared its ugly head, the last thing I wanted to do was crawl out of bed. The hubz, being the sweet soul that he is, told me to stay in bed and get some extra rest. I didn't argue, but after lying there for about ten minutes I just couldn't shake the nagging feeling that I should head downstairs and check out my dudes' progress in getting ready. Now, I want to preface this by saying that I … [Read more...]