Every mom has… #A to Z Challenge

Every mom has…   Worn a mystery substance in public only to discover it after she’s spoken to at least five people.   Crammed a snack into her mouth before her kids could see it and ask for some.   Wished her mom was at her side to help her through a situation.   Been frustrated to the point of tears.   Had all the shenanigans of the day charmed away by the sight of her sleeping baby.   Counted the hours until bedtime.   Been caught off guard and had to stifle a laugh when her kid said or did something … [Read more...]

Momless Morning

Last week a stomach bug circulated through my family and as in every other house, it was only a matter of time before mom had to take her turn. It started Wednesday night, and when Thursday morning reared its ugly head, the last thing I wanted to do was crawl out of bed. The hubz, being the sweet soul that he is, told me to stay in bed and get some extra rest. I didn't argue, but after lying there for about ten minutes I just couldn't shake the nagging feeling that I should head downstairs and check out my dudes' progress in getting ready. Now, I want to preface this by saying that I … [Read more...]

At the Close of Another Happy Mother’s Day

We hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful day full of laughter, cuddles and being treated like the queens that you are. Enjoy the last few hours of this special day. See you all tomorrow when we all don our invisible masks and capes and go about another busy week. And remember, even when they forget to tell you, your kids know just how super special you are. Happy Mother's Day, Supermoms! Photo: flickr.com/photos/emilywaltonjones/4009408328 … [Read more...]

SitterScout Makes Scheduling “Me Time” Easy

When was the last time you scheduled some "me time?"   And, I'm not talking about a 20 minute soak in a well-deserved bubble bath. I'm talking about dressing up, with all the bells and whistles--yeah, I'm talking makeup and no ponytail--and getting out to do something you love with someone you love. Ahem...besides your little ones. Scheduling "me time" outside of the house is as important to your kids as it is to you. You need a chance to replenish and regroup. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. If you're bogged down with all the responsibilities of life--which we all … [Read more...]

Mommy Blues: My Kid Hurt My Feelings

Sooo, my son hurt my feelings. No, he didn't point out I have some pounds to lose or tell me that I embarrassed him. He didn't call me a mean name or bust out the "I wish you weren't my mom." I'm prepared for him to drop some of these ugly, low-blow kidisms eventually, because sooner or later every kid tries one or two out for size. They know these nasty little remarks are powerful enough to make a parent want to hide under a rock and cry for their mommies. And, of course, they're not sincere, but just meant to cut you to the quick and stop you in your tracks. I know all of these … [Read more...]

Summer’s Coming: What Are YOUR Plans?

As school's winding down, we're all doing the summer preparation dance. Stocking up on sunscreen. Signing kids up for swimming lessons, summer reading programs and little league. Arranging carpools to taxi our kids, as well as three others from the neighborhood, around all summer vacation long. We do this dance, because we love our children and we want the best for them. No mom wants her son or daughter to miss out on summer fun, so we do what we need to do to make their sunshiney dreams come true. ...BUT... What about you? What about your summer? Are you doing a summer preparation … [Read more...]