Holiday Fashion Fun Twitter Party and Lane Bryant Winner Announcement

The Lane Bryant 12 Days of the Most Wonderful Surprises may be drawing to a close, but the fun isn't over quite yet! You can still unlock a new surprise offer today on the Lane Bryant Facebook page. It’s the perfect way to get your favorite must-have fashion frocks and baubles for the holiday season, at super fabulous prices. But that's not all! Do you need a little fashion inspiration or tips on how to keep your look fresh this season? Just because it's winter doesn't mean we can’t feel and look sassy, stylish, and even a little flirty! Join me tomorrow to talk about holiday fashion … [Read more...]

An accurate appraisal of my attitude…

Seriously. I know it's no excuse for being a total deadbeat blogger, but the combination of quitting smoking, redonkulous heatwave and PMS has rendered me a total unfriendly. For real. I haven't even liked myself lately, and self-loathing just isn't my style. Fortunately, the nic-fits are decreasing, the temperature broke and Midol is plentiful at the Cooper mansion, so hopefully I'll be human again soon. Thank you for hanging in there with me. … [Read more...]

Does your blog have a theme song? Mine does now, courtesy of the Midnight Professional…

You know your family loves you when they write a song for you...and your blog... This weekend I finished my work up early on Saturday and the hubz and I decided we'd unplug on Sunday. Early Sunday morning, the Brocker received a cryptic call from my sister-in-law, Amy, saying there was a gift for me on Facebook. And what I found was this: My brother, aka The Midnight Professional, cooked up this wicked jam on his iPad, and with the help of The Midnight Posse--the rest of my siblings--put it together for one badass song about Mama's Got Flair. His … [Read more...]

Help us be awesome for you…

Amy and I have been kicking around some ideas for the direction we'd like to take Mama's Got Flair in. We would like to continue encouraging other mamas to chase what toots their whistles, but we think that humdrum, everyday "YOU CAN DO IT" posts will get old very, very quickly. There is still much we'd like to share on the topic, and we totally will, but we realize that Mama's readers are complex women with varying tastes and differences, interests and funny bones. Just. Like. Us. So, we've been talking a lot about upcoming posts, themes, features and adventures we want to experience … [Read more...]

A Little Bit…Okay A Lotta Bit…Of Change

Don't wig out! Mama's Got Flair is undergoing some style changes. Please bear with me over the next day or two while I'm sorting things out. Posts will still keep coming, I'm just trying to find a look that feels right...for now, at least. I have, like, ZERO budget and am absolutely NOT a web designer, so everything that's being done is by trial and error. If anyone has advice on how to make a decent banner...please for the love of all that sugary and delicious...let me know. Think of it as an experiment in personal growth and development. BTW...if anyone out there wants to take pity … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Spring Marked by Growth

I love spring. Flowers and fresh air. Garage sales and cookouts. Flip-flops. I even love the wicked storms that blow through the Midwest and leave giant mud puddles my sons simply can't resist. Ahhh...spring. All good things. While many families are welcoming babies and sending out graduation announcements, my family is celebrating a ton of birthdays and just being together...outside. Ditching the cabin fever is celebration enough for a couple who works from home and has three young boys. When you put two and two together, you can see why the blue skies and budding leaves … [Read more...]