Arts and Crafts: How to Make Peacock Feather Earrings

I love peacocks and peacock feathers. In fact, I enjoy them so much, I started to make jewelry from peacock feathers.

I thought it would be fun to pass on what I learned about making the earrings on to you!

Not only are they elegant, but you can alter them to suit your taste. The main point is just to have fun making them.



Here are the supplies you will need:


  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Earring Kit (from Wal-mart)
  • Peacock Feathers
  • Glass Beads (Optional)


How to make peacock earrings at home:

1. Start by deciding how many peacock feathers you want. Make sure the eyes on your peacock feathers are about the same. Then, trim the length of the feathers to match.



2. Take the wires with the eyelet holes and twist them carefully around the top of the feathers with a pair of pliers. Then, trim the excess wire piece and clamp the end down to prevent sharp edges.



3. (Optional) Take the wires for adding beads and decorate with glass beads of your choice.



4. Taking your round-edged pliers, make a loop at the top so you can have an eyelet hole later on to connect the beads to the center decorative piece.



5. Using the metal circles, connect your glass beads and feathers to your decorative piece as you desire.



6. Attach the earring hooks to the top of your decorative piece.



7. (Optional) You can either leave your feathers natural or trim about a fourth to a half an inch below the eyelets if you prefer a clean look.

These earrings are not only stunning, but you can use a variety of beads and feathers to make them! Happy crafting, and I hope you enjoy your new earrings!


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