About Jessi

sexy back newJessi Arias-Cooper is a work-from-home mama of three crazy little men, wife to the fabulous (and uber patient) Brockinator and unapologetic nerd. If she were to find a spare moment, she’d spend it watching rad horror flicks and listening to an eclectic array of ditties, from show tunes to hard rock.

She’s all sorts of complex like that.

Jessi grew up on a small farm in the boonies in a big house full of crazy people (aka…the Arias family). Her parents’ philosophy was that every member of the family should contribute to whatever needed to be done, so she’s no stranger to hard work.

After nine wonderful years helping differently-abled adults make their goals and dreams come true, Jessi decided to grab the opportunity to fulfill her life-long dream and stay home with her beloved, mini stooges. The transition was challenging for her, because there was never a point in her adult life when she didn’t have a full-time job. After a while, she had a “EUREKA!!” moment and realized that staying home with wacky offspring IS most definitely a full-time job and fully embraced the situation.

Once she became completely comfortable being at home, Jessi started to feel like she’d lost some of her own identity. While she was mega-happy being with her babies, there seemed to be an imbalance in the core of her. She was starting to feel like 70% Mom, 25% Wife, and 5% Jessi. So she decided to embark on a crusade to find herself a constructive way to just be a woman. A pampering of the soul.

Jessi knew that she wasn’t alone in her day-to-day battles with diaper changes, interrupted romantic interludes with the hubz and everything in between. So, in 2010, she founded Mama’s Got Flair, a blog for moms who are busy juggling the complexities of womanhood, motherhood and life in general.


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