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Incredible DreamsIncredible Dreams

INCREDIBLE DREAMS is the story of a modern-day ghost whisperer who travels through time to save the life of a WWII fighter pilot and ends up jeopardizing her own existence.

Izzy Miller prefers to call herself a spiritual therapist because she thinks it makes her sound more professional than plain old ghost-whisperer. She expects her latest project to be quick and easy because exorcising military personnel is pretty routine. But there’s nothing easy or routineabout Captain Jack Baker–he’s a rather forgetful spirit and somewhat mischievous. And even though he’s intrigued by the US Government’s latest attempt to remove him from the only place he can ever remember being…he has no intentions of going anywhere.

Plans to exorcise Jack are quickly sidelined when Izzy discovers a portal into the past inside her dreams and sets out to change his fate. Trouble is…when she gets back there, she can’t remember anything but her name. She still sees ghosts, but is far less accepting of her gift. And, to make matters worse, a demonic force pretending to be the forgetful heroine’s sister has her own plans–to steal Izzy’s soul.

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About the Author

Author Sandra EdwardsSandra is an award-winning author of romance. She has eclectic tastes, penning tales in a variety of genres such as paranormal (mostly time travel and reincarnation), contemporary and suspense. She lives in the U.S. (west coast) with her husband, two kids, four dogs and one very temperamental feline. Sandra’s books often push the envelope and step outside the boundaries of conventional romance.

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  1. I believe in spirits, but I don’t believe they can walk and exist here on earth.

  2. I do for sure…the day after my mom died my little baby started staring off into space and kept giggling…I swear it was the ghost of my mom making her smile
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  3. I don’t believe in ghosts because I didn’t see them

  4. avatar Mary Happymommy says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts because I haven’t seen any evidence of them.

  5. avatar lauren engbrock says:

    yes because I saw one when I was 5 years old

  6. I do believe in ghosts. There are things that happen that just can’t be explained and I feel like they are always around us and we just don’t realize it.

  7. avatar Julie Thompson says:

    yep I believe in God and when you say your prayers you say father son holy ghost it is in every prayer service at church so a god fearing person would believe. Plus I believe I have had some Angels or guardians looking over me and that is why I have survived many things.

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