Fresh Start on Health and Happiness

Last year was a strong one for me. I found my love for blogging and was getting my life together by getting healthy. I was feeling great and my low self-esteem was slowly vanishing.

Everything felt like it was falling into place. My relationship with Jessi, which was already a great one, was growing stronger because we were supporting one another.

I felt good about myself and, in turn, felt closer to my husband. My children were eating healthy and getting out more.

Then things took a turn…

I’ve been off the health wagon for more than nine months. The weight that too me a year to lose, I’ve put back on.

I really felt good about the weight I’d lost because I didn’t rely some fad diet. All my success was from eating right, exercising, and doing little things to make myself feel good so I would be motivated to stay on track.

Now, unfortunately, because I have been off track so long, I’m sluggish, my family and I don’t eat right, and I push everyone away because I don’t like myself anymore.

And, as I’m sure you’ve also noticed, it’s been forever since I posted anything because I’ve also lost that inner spark where the inspiration to write came from. POOF! Gone!

On the positive side, I’ve come to realize my triggers and am optimistic that knowing these challenges ahead of time will help me now that I’ve made the decision to get back on track. It’s helpful for me to know what nudges me in the wrong direction, because it gives me the opportunity to put together a game plan before these eating triggers rear their ugly heads.

It’s going to be a long road, but I know from previous experience that when I’m living a healthier lifestyle, every aspect of my life is positively affected.

So, here I am back at the beginning, setting my goals and doing my prep work. I realize this is going to be anything but an overnight process. It’s all about planning and taking baby steps. I’m happy to report I’ve already made some big progress with getting healthy by quitting smoking! That was a huge win! So, with that major hurdle out of the way, I’m going to focus on what I did right and keep moving forward.

I’m extremely excited to be taking the time for me again and hope to take you all along on my journey. I’m also looking forward to sharing what I learn along the way and what helps, and in some cases, what doesn’t. I’ve missed all our awesome readers and am totally stoked to be back.


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