Angelina Slated to be One of Disney’s Most Popular Wicked Women

There are two things Disney has always been good at–creating characters audiences can’t help but love and villains that everyone loves to loathe.

When it comes to Disney villains, one of the most popular for decades has been Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent. Whether it’s her ice cold heart, morphing into a dragon or wicked crazy horned hat that captures the essence of evil, there’s no doubt she’s definitely queen bee in the sassy villain category.

Today Disney announced that a live-action adaptation, Maleficent, is scheduled for release on March 14, 2014–with none other than Angelina Jolie bringing this devious diva to life.

Maleficent will explain what brought the wicked fairy to curse the lovely Princess Aurora. I don’t know about you, but this I gotta hear. Maybe because blondes have more fun? We shall see.


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  1. Definitely shes a a nice kind of woman..I like her doubt she’s definitely queen bee in the sassy villain category.

  2. Angelina dreams of becoming a ballerina one day and everything she does seems to somehow involve this dream.
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  3. Examples of wicked women throughout the Bible give solid instruction on the type of women to avoid..
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  4. I think that Angelina is the best choice for the role. Not only that she can portray the role, but because there is something in her the women detest (and men love).
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