Does your blog have a theme song? Mine does now, courtesy of the Midnight Professional…

You know your family loves you when they write a song for you…and your blog…

This weekend I finished my work up early on Saturday and the hubz and I decided we’d unplug on Sunday. Early Sunday morning, the Brocker received a cryptic call from my sister-in-law, Amy, saying there was a gift for me on Facebook.

And what I found was this:

My brother, aka The Midnight Professional, cooked up this wicked jam on his iPad, and with the help of The Midnight Posse–the rest of my siblings–put it together for one badass song about Mama’s Got Flair.

His explanation:

After more than a week of silence, the Midnight Professional is back. This time the vocal stylings of rising indie music artists Miz4tune, Black Haze, Amalaya and the Notorious DangerGeek – collectively, The Midnight Posse – add a catchy pop sensibility to the track, perfectly framing the Midnight Professional’s old school rhymes.

This song was a labor of love inspired by a sassy internet impresario who has inspired the Midnight Professional and other contributing artists to take their music to the people online.

Not only do I have one of the few blogs in the world with a theme song, I’ve also got the best freakin’ family on the planet. I’m one fortunate woman.

To the Midnight Professional and The Midnight Posse: Thank you so much for this awesome gift. It will live on forever as the second best present I’ve ever received. The first, of course, being my family. You guys rock on and off line! Love you!

To hear more from the Midnight Professional check out the official Midnight Professional YouTube Channel.

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  1. It’s great.

  2. Yeah. Sonic Heroes wasn’tmy favorite, but Crush 40 is pretty awesome, in my opinion.

  3. i LOVE IT!!!!!!

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