Uglee Pen Review and Give Away – Now Closed

I’ve been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since my third pregnancy in 2007. Doing simple things like driving my car, typing posts and washing dishes can be quite painful, and it definitely slows me down.

I’ve had to modify a lot of my regular routine, for example, rather than sweeping the floors from start to finish, I have to work on them in short bursts. I alternate activities frequently to give my hands a rest and avoid keeping them in the same position for long periods of time. In general, I’ve learned to embrace the new routine and actually find switching up chores to be a little more enjoyable.

Above all else, the worst part of having carpal tunnel for me personally, is the discomfort when I write. Holding a basic pen for extended periods just plain hurts. My hands ache, cramp up and go numb.

Since I’m a freelance writer by trade, it’s important for me to be able to write comfortably. Even though I do a lot of my work on my computer, I still do a lot of handwriting on a daily basis. Typing aggravates my hands and has to be done in bursts, so I alternate a lot.

Plus, it’s easier for me to jot things down when I’m talking to clients, planning calendars and organizing my day. In fact, because I have to leave off and pick up just about everything I do–over and over again–I have to keep a lot of lists going all the time to make sure I don’t leave jobs unfinished.

Trust me. I write…a lot.

Because I have such a hard time with my hands, I started looking for alternative writing instruments and happened upon a video about the UGLee Pen. At first I chuckled about the name, which is actually a play on the name of its inventor, Dr. James Lee. But after I heard about the ergonomic design–which means it’s made specifically to fit the human body–I was intrigued.

Could it be beneficial for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome like me?

So, I clicked on the next video, where Dr. Lee explains who the UGLee Pen is great for:

Huzzah! He actually says the UGLee Pen is the most comfortable option for folks with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, along with children who are learning to write or adults who write…well…anything.

Still, I’m a skeptic and wanted to try them out for myself. After all, I could say I make the best pot of coffee in town, but it’s not true unless others have tried it and agreed, right?

As luck would have it, a few days later I was given the opportunity to review the Uglee Pen myself, before I even got a chance to order one. Woo hoo! It must have been meant to be.

When my UGLee Pen came in the mail, I was stoked! First of all, aesthetically, it’s not ugly. It is, however, unique in appearance. The plastic barrel is thicker at the top, above the finger grip. The barrel under the grip is very slender and has a long, bumpy rubber gel grip that covers raised lines on the plastic.

When I first held it, it felt a little awkward because it’s simply not like any other writing instrument I’ve ever used before. Once I put the pen to paper, though, it was clearly superior to any other pen I’ve written with, including others with gel grips.

What I love about the UGLee Pen:

  • The long grip is the full length of the shaft where my fingers rest, making it more comfortable.
  • The gel grip provides great traction, so I don’t have to hold onto the pen tightly. SUCH a relief to my hands. NO cramping…whatsoever.
  • The pen itself appears to be wider, but the bumps and ridges actually make it fit perfectly in my fingers so it doesn’t feel bulky at all.
  • This pen is light. It’s a great size but it’s light as a feather.
  • The ink rolls on smooth as silk and doesn’t require heavy pressure for a good, solid line.
  • It’s stylish. My pen is red with a charcoal gray grip. In the grip are specks of silver glitter. So cute.
  • I can write for long periods of time when I use the UGLee Pen. I use it every morning to make my daily lists and then periodically throughout the day for notes, documents and everything else.

Final impression:

The UGLee Pen is the BOMB! I’ve never held a pen that was so comfortable and easy on my hands. It’s pretty, easy to use and doesn’t flare up my carpal tunnel syndrome the way that other writing utensils do. I’m totally sold on this pen. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone, whether they have carpal tunnel syndrome or not.



You can purchase a three pack of UGLee Pens for $19.99 at The come in a variety of colors and you can choose red, black or blue ink.


Dr. Lee has been kind enough to offer a pack of UGLee Pens to one lucky Mama’s Got Flair reader. Please see the Rafflecopter form below for to enter. OPEN TO US RESIDENTS, 18 AND OLDER.

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  1. i learned this pen is good for hands that cramp up and it is designed for people with problems like this

  2. avatar Laura Jacobson says:

    I didnt know that it takes kids years to build up the correct muscles to do so efficiently!

  3. avatar Kim Kelly says:
  4. avatar Kim Kelly says:

    It’s cool that it goes with the bones in the human hand and that he developed them for personal need in med school!

  5. BTW, I learned that these pens can be just as beneficial to kids!

  6. I also had carpal tunnel after my first child – I’m sorry you’re suffering! I never heard of these pens – thanks for posting about it!

  7. avatar alisa niki says:

    i learned this pen is good for hands that cramp up and it is designed for people with problems like this

  8. What a cool pen. I love pens.

  9. avatar Maryann D. says:

    I learned that Dr. Lee studied the structure of the human hand using X-ray and researching the attachment and function of hand muscles to design the perfect grip.

  10. Wow, I didn’t know their was a pen for this, my boyfriend would love it!

  11. avatar Judy @ says:

    About a year ago I started getting arthritis pain in my fingers. This looks like the perfect pen for me!

  12. I learned that the Uglee pen was seen on the Doctors TV show. Nice to know that it is endorsed by these doctors.

  13. Not something I’ve learned from their page but first-hand after using these great pens: They don’t cause fatigue in my hand after hours of use & they make my handwriting look great! This is a big deal for me, as I did serious damage to my left hand in a bike accident years ago & was told that I might never get all the usage in it.

  14. I read that the pen is good for kids as well since they can get stress injury too. My little boy is learning to write so he could really use this! Thanks for the chance!

  15. I learned that kids are at risk for repetitive stress injury too, so there are Uglee pens for kids.