Hair: Weird May Be Just What I Need!

I have ridiculously curly hair and have worn it pretty much the same since high school. It’s almost always up, but I do keep it cut short enough that, when dry, it hangs between chin and shoulder length. Otherwise, we’re talking full-on Mexi-fro.

Not hot.

Wearing my locks the same way for 20 years has started to get a little boring, so I decided I wanted to change things up.

In my quest to try new things, I decided to see if YouTube could lend me some inspiration. Where I wound up was here…

What do you think? Do you seen anything that’s really me? I’m kind of liking some of the mohawks, but that really tall mullet looks pretty spicy, too.

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. I think a lot of those hairstyles were really creative, obviously it takes a pretty good hair stylist to do some of those things.
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