Taking Care of You: Getting Ready for the Holidays

In the midst of all the trips from store to store, baking and gift wrapping, are you taking time out to be good to yourself? It’s important to give yourself little breaks here and there and indulge in the things that keep you jolly, especially during such a high-stress season. Otherwise, your holidays will be more business than pleasure, and you’ll find that you’re one tired, cranky elf come Christmas morning.

The great thing about the holiday season is that coziness is practically built in. With winter comes soft, fuzzy sweaters and jammies, soothing aromas, like baking cookies and peppermint, and warm drinks that force you to slow down and sip. These are all traditional hallmarks of the season that are just begging to be enjoyed.

So, with all these natural, seasonal cues, doesn’t it just make sense to follow your instinct to savor the little things?


I know that it can be hard to get a second to think during such a go, go, go season, but you still have to grab the little opportunities to treat yourself well–even if it’s just snagging an iced peppermint coffee at McDonald’s or snitching a chocolate chunk cookie during the 10 seconds when little eyes aren’t watching you.

After the kids are off to bed, cuddle up with the hubz and watch a romantic holiday movie. For a bonus reward, mix a little naughty and nice and make love by the glow of the Christmas tree. Yeah. I went there. After all, you’re not the only one feeling the stress of the happiest season of the year. As far as I’m concerned, Yuletide nookie should be a holiday tradition for every couple.

The holiday season can really wear a mama out. It’s tough business spreading all that cheer. Remembering yourself makes the season even brighter, and you’ll step into the new year feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

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