Flair Yourself Friday: The Right Styles for a Triangle Face Shape

So, you did your homework from the finding your face shape post and found out you have a triangle face shape! This means your face is narrow at the temples and wide at the jawbone.

Liv Tyler is one gorgeous celebrity who knows how to really rock her triangular face shape, and you can too!

Here are the dos and don’ts when looking for hairstyles to suit a triangular face!

  • Do go for layers that thin out at the jawline. This type of layering on a triangular face will soften your pronounced jawline. Also, go for heavy top layers that draw attention to your forehead, making your face appear longer.
  • Go for side-swept bangs that draw attention to your eyes and make your face appear longer versus heavy bangs that fall in your face, which make your face appear shorter and wider!
  • Go for either zig zag parts that create length and volume at the top of your hair, or center parts that make your face appear long and narrow.
  • When going long, soft waves are a must-have, because layered waves soften the features of a triangular face shape. You can also go straight with a longer style, provided you have layering that suits your face shape!
  • If you are going shorter, avoid layering on the sides of a really short haircut, because it makes your jaw appear shorter and wider.
  • Avoid styles that draw attention to your jawline, like a straight blunt bob. Go for a more rounded shape to soften your features and nicely frame your face.
  • Never go with any hairstyle that is narrowest at the forehead and widest at your chin, or kicks out at the sides making your face appear wider.

I hope you enjoy your new looks, ladies! Remember to rock them with flair!


Photo: flickr.com/photos/donabelandewen/4826203416

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