Adoption: A Birth Mother’s Birthday Wishes for Her Son

As you know, I adopted my oldest son. As I watch him grow, it’s ever present in my mind that an incredibly strong woman made an indescribably hard decision to put his needs before her own which allowed my husband and me the privilege of being his parents.

Our adoption is open, and while he knows that he was the answer to many prayers and dreams in our hearts, we haven’t revealed the identity of his birth mother to him yet. His birth mother and I are anxious for him to know the special role that she plays in his precious life, but we’re waiting patiently for him to be ready to fully understand the love and sacrifice she made to give him the life she wanted him to have.

There are few bonds more special between two women than that of an adoptive mother and the birth mother who made her dream of motherhood a reality. As Kyan’s birthday nears, both of our hearts are stirred with powerful emotions. I’m honored that this remarkable, courageous woman wanted to share the following post here. It’s a birthday wish for her son — my son — our son.


A letter to my son on his 6th birthday~

The leaves begin to change and descend as autumn sets in. I feel the chill of the fall wind and my heart mourns now more than ever. You are always on my mind, but now I reminiscence about our last tender moments together. You, my son, will always be missed.

I start to cry as I remember the day you were born, so tiny and helpless. There was so much going on in your world that you were unaware of. It was the last time you would be mine, and the first time you would be theirs. My heart aches for you.

There has never been a moment that you weren’t missed. Never has there been a time that I didn’t long for you to be here by my side. No matter what happens, I carry you in my heart.

On the anniversary of your birth, there are so many things I long for you to know, so much that I want to tell you…so many hopes and dreams that I carry in my heart for you. My child, I love you.

You are no longer that little infant I held in my arms on that beautiful October day. You have grown into a perfect little boy, full of life, with your own dreams for this world. I can only begin to imagine the day that you grow into a fine young man, and my hope is that you know you are always deeply loved.

What I can’t imagine is how you may feel about all this when you are older, or what you may think about everything. What I hope is that you know that you are deeply loved by me and your parents. That the choice I made for you I made out of love, because at that time in my life I financially didn’t have the means to provide the life for you that I felt you deserved. I pray for your forgiveness and understanding.

I wish for nothing but pure happiness for you throughout your entire life…that you are always blessed. As always, I send you my love and wishes day after day, year after year. As you grow I hope you know that you are forever and always with me. What few moments we had together I cherish and hold dear.

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, my beloved son. May all your ambitions in life, dreams, and hopes come to fruition, but most importantly, may you know happiness and love all the days of your life!

I love you.


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  1. We too, adopted a teeny precious gift. There are no words to describe the gratitude you feel for the person who gave you the greatest gift one could possibly offer. I hope that I get to sit with her again one day and she is able to see her baby all grown up.

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