Closer to Me: The Tattoo Parlor Incident

This mama is busting out of her shell! Blogging isn’t the only change you are going to see on this site. I’ve decided to go through my own metamorphosis, and am dragging all of you along for the ride.

After my last post, I made up my mind that here and now is the time to start to express myself and reclaim that creative and free spirit I once was. Being an artist, I longed to redevelop old skills and let my hair down. Therefore, in the mist of my epiphany, I made up my mind to do something crazy and off the wall, getting my eyebrow pierced.

Whoa that’s edgy, huh?

I realize I’m not the first to get one, and in the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t sound super risky. After all, people have been getting piercings long before I was wearing pampers. However, when you lead a life as buttoned up as mine has been for the last six years, this was a doozy.

It dawned on me when I was shuttling the kids around that I can, and need, to be more than a mother and wife. I need to be me, too. And, I don’t want to just preach self-care, but truly live it. So, there I was, sitting in my minivan, when it hit me. I wanted to do something for me and only me.

When I was much younger I had my eyebrow pierced. I always thought it was attractive, but unfortunately, I didn’t care for it properly, and it ended up healing itself shut. I decided it was time to bring out a little of me and throw caution to the wind, so I turned around and headed for the most well-known tattoo parlor in my area, kids in tow.

When I reached my destination, I sat there for a moment thinking, “This is crazy! What is my husband going to think?” For me, this was a big deal because my husband is an attorney. Piercings and tattoos on a Midwestern lawyer’s wife aren’t exactly the norm.
I took a deep breath, hopped out of my grocery-getter and strapped my kids in their stroller.

Walking into the tattoo parlor, I saw nothing but walls covered in all sorts of crazy designs. The shop had everything you could think of, from portraits filled with tattoo art to rows upon rows of jewelry for just about any part of the body you could possibly poke a hole through.

Further into the shop, I happened upon an extremely large, shirtless dude with massive ear plugs in his lobes and covered in various tattoos from head to toe. He was in the midst of inking a customer, but when he saw me, he suddenly stopped. He looked down at my kids, and his jaw dropped.

I turned to him and stated calmly, “Guess you don’t typically see a stroller full of kids in here?”


We’re talking crickets here, people.

I’m pretty sure he was stunned at the sight of a suburban housewife with two young kids in his tattoo parlor. “I need to get my eyebrow piercing reopened,” I said. He immediately called his assistant over, and before I knew it, I was sitting in a large chair anticipating my new piercing.

In a was done.

I left feeling both excited and worried. For the first time in a long time I felt like I was twenty again. There was still the issue of revealing my new accessory to my husband, but that’s a story for another day.




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