Archives for September 18, 2011

Self-Discovery: Baby Steps To Finding Myself

Recently, I came to a that had been a long time coming. I realized that the person I once loved has changed. That person is me. In some ways I've changed for the better, and in other ways...not so much. I was once a free spirit. I took life by the horns and made my way through this world on my own terms. Life was anything but perfect. was my own. I could dream and imagine. Since my kid sister, who's ten years my junior, moved into our household, I've started to clearly see just how long I've been putting myself on the back burner. I've allowed my dreams, hopes … [Read more...]

A Little Bit…Okay A Lotta Bit…Of Change

Don't wig out! Mama's Got Flair is undergoing some style changes. Please bear with me over the next day or two while I'm sorting things out. Posts will still keep coming, I'm just trying to find a look that feels right...for now, at least. I have, like, ZERO budget and am absolutely NOT a web designer, so everything that's being done is by trial and error. If anyone has advice on how to make a decent banner...please for the love of all that sugary and delicious...let me know. Think of it as an experiment in personal growth and development. BTW...if anyone out there wants to take pity … [Read more...]