Flair Yourself Friday: Finding the Best Hairstyle to Complement the Diamond Face Shape

Today on “Flair Yourself Friday,” we’re focusing on diamonds, and no I don’t mean the jewels. I’m talking about all you gorgeous gals out there who have a diamond-shaped face, your face measures the widest at your cheek bones.

You read the post on how to find your face shape, did your homework and came to find you’re a diamond gal. What’s the next step? It’s time to find a hairstyle that not only suits your taste, but accentuates your beautiful face.

Here are the dos to having a diamond-shaped face!

Bob cuts, or shoulder length cuts that are wispy are a must! This is because it adds width to the chin area to help balance the shape of your face. Also, don’t forget to tuck your hair behind your ears. It’s cute and shows off those amazing cheek bones! Shoot for blunt, straight bangs and side parts which help to shorten a longer face.

Make sure to avoid short hairstyles with bulk on the top and no bangs, or that remove all the hair on the back of your neck and around your chin area. Further, veer away from parting your hair down the middle to avoid making your face seem longer than it really is. Remember, that diamond-shaped face is gorgeous, and you’re playing it up, not trying to hide it.

Basically, when looking at short hairstyles, go for a short bob that is parted on the side, with a side swept bang. A side part will shorten the look of a diamond-shaped face, making the face itself appear wider by creating one larger shape for the eye to focus on. Make sure to avoid short cuts that include big hair on the top and bangs that are way too short. Let’s just say that a pixie cut is the wrong ‘do for you, if your face is shaped like a diamond.

Always remember a haircut with width is better for a diamond face shape than one with extra height.

When sporting a medium haircut look for wispy side swept bangs which make the chin appear not so long. Wispy hair to the shoulders creates a squarer shape. Choose a style that is flipped out at the end, not contoured to the sides of the face. Wispy, long lengths instead of shorter ones, with the absence of bangs, makes a diamond-shaped face appear longer and is not ideal.

Nicole Kidman has a diamond-shaped face.

When looking at longer hairstyles, avoid parting it down the middle and the absence of bangs. Once again this will make the diamond face shape appear much longer than it is, which isn’t ideal. Instead, go for a side part and several shorter layers throughout which give the hairstyle width and frame the face, making it wider, rather than longer. This type of shape works well with curly or wavy hair as well.

To all you lovely diamond shaped mamas out there, flaunt your new ‘do with flair! You know you want to!


Photo: flickr.com/photos/theilr/3637352436 and flickr.com/photos/kathmandu/307981456

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