Wellness Wednesday: Everyday Family Friendly Exercises #health

When it comes to getting healthy, there is nothing better than getting healthy with the family! Teaching your children the value of exercise not only benefits them as they grow, but will give them a nice head start as adults!

On this edition of “Wellness Wednesday,” I would like to give you some ideas for kid and family-friendly exercises!

Games aren’t only fun, but a great opportunity to get an activity in with your children. Sure, there are many sports that your children can take part in through programs in your area or with their schools, but what about at home?

One exercise you can do in your own backyard is set up a race. You just need something to mark points A and B of where you will be running. Then, take a four or five toys or objects your children can easily grab, and place them at point B of where they will be running. Position yourself, or your child, at point A and begin by running to point B. When you reach B, pick up an object and run it back to point A. This exercise can burn anywhere from 43 calories every five minutes to 86 calories every five minutes depending on how fast you run.

Don’t forget active video game play. With Wii video games, you can burn some calories while having family fun! Playing the Wii can burn 15 calories every five minutes.

In addition to games, there are activities, like jump rope. Jumping rope can burn 43 to 64 calories every five minutes depending on how fast you jump. Jumping jacks are another fun activity that you can perform with your children which burns 44 calories every five minutes.

Another awesome calorie burner, is teaching your children how to help out around the house. Having your kid’s help you while you clean is an entire family exercise in itself. Even little ones can be given a dry towel to help dust and wipe down tables or put their toys in a basket. General cleaning can burn 97 calories every thirty minutes.

Having them help out in the yard is a health bonus. It helps make things tidy while burning approximately 129 calories every thirty minutes. Plus, the fresh air is super good for them…and helps them sleep better. Bonus!

If you have a pet then taking a stroll around the neighborhood can be beneficial to your family’s health and your dog’s health as well. Not only is this teaching your children to take responsibility for their pet, but walking Fido for half an hour burns 107 calories.

There you have it! Family fun and exercise all bundled in to one! What more can a mama ask for?!


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