Flair Yourself Friday: Take Time for an At-Home Couple’s Massage

couple massage

The beauty in being with someone is getting to fall in love all over again. Couples have to cherish what few, precious moments they get together after long days of juggling all the responsibilities that come with raising children and running a household.

Nothing will make you feel more rejuvenated than the tender touch of your spouse. I’m talking a personal massage, ladies! From head to toe, nothing is more intimate and personal than massaging some beautifully fragrant lotion on you or your sweetheart.

Massages are intimate and relaxing, which every couple needs. This Father’s Day week it’s time to set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting those candles, putting on some romantic tunes and massaging one another from head to toe! Ooo la la!

If you don’t have massage oils, I recommend such products as Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil gel in lavender and chamomile, or if you prefer a lotion to an oil, I enjoy Oil of Olay’s Purely Pristine body lotion. Take turns tenderly massaging each other using your palms and fingertips and with varying degrees of pressure. You’ll both feel amazing, relaxed and…um…amorous.

You deserve to feel special during these moments that you get alone together. Enjoy one anothers’ company, and just to be romantic. So say “I love you” with some tender loving touch!


Photo: flickr.com/photos/zaphodsotherhead/171972042

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