Wellness Wednesday: Getting Healthy as a Couple

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Health and wellness don’t have to be stand alone tasks. In fact, couples who partner together to better their healths also better their odds of sticking to a program. They continually build strength when relying on one another for support!

I’m not talking about starting a crash diet together. It is rare that they ever work long term. In fact, with crash dieting you feel almost relieved to revert back to poor habits, but by taking your time and making small changes here and there you increase your odds of getting healthy, losing weight and keeping it off for good. Working together as accountability buddies is one way to further increase your odds of reaching your goals!

Start your health-seeking adventure by charting out your health goals, and writing a few paragraphs on what your life will be like together when you’ve met them all. This will help to remind you both why it is important to stick to the task at hand! Talk about past attempts and what you can do as a couple to better your odds of sticking to a program together this time around.

Changing your habits has to be a gradual thing, so begin with simple steps such as drinking eight (8 ounce) glasses of water for the first two weeks. Then, take the next step by walking three to five days a week. This will give you a common goal as well as bonding time. Let’s face it, ladies, any excuse to walk hand in hand is a good one, so why not better your healths at the same time!

Even something as simple as making time to prepare one healthy meal a day together  gives you more time just to chat and feel closer to one another while you’re making a nutritious meal for your bodies. Sure, your sparkling conversation may be over a head of lettuce, but having children means making the most of every little moment!

There are multiple benefits to getting healthy as a couple, outside of just bonding with one another. Your children will notice the changes, too. The odds of them making better, healthier choices because they want to emulate their parents is a good one. Sure, they may not take to eating their veggies the first time around, but after awhile of seeing their dad and mom eating them they may just come to like the crunchy goodness of a carrot!

Also, getting healthy together leads to higher self-esteem and increases your energy levels. Feeling better about yourself and your body leads to more intimacy in the bedroom. Mega aces!

So, this Father’s Day week, I encourage you not to just celebrate dad, but celebrate one another as a couple. Find strength and support in each other while getting fit and healthy together.


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