Flair Yourself Friday: Inexpensive Skin Care Product Recommendations

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Beauty does not have to come at a high price. Now, I know, in most cases, you get what you pay for, but with a little research you can find many affordable and comparable products to most of the name brands out there.

Today on “Flair Yourself Friday,” I would like to focus on facial washes and lotions that are budget friendly!

Oil of Olay is by far one of my favorite products on the market. Not only do they make a variety of facial lotions and washes for every skin type, but it has been a worth while product for me personally. It has helped to rid my skin of acne breakouts and minimized my fine lines. It is safe to say I am an Oil of Olay enthusiast.

Equate is a brand I have recently found at Walmart that is not only cheap to buy, but if you read the ingredients, most of the time, it’s the exact same as the product it is trying to imitate. Not to mention, it can be as little as $3.50 a bottle. Just make sure you compare the back of the bottle of Equate to the bottle it’s comparable to, to see if the ingredients are the same and in the exact same order.

Another brand I love is Nuetrogena. Their face washes come in a variety of wonderful scents which are refreshing and a nice pick me up in the mornings. My personal favorite is their Oil-Free Acne Wash scented like pink grapefruit. It’s amazing for helping to prevent blackheads and acne. It is a great facial wash for normal to oily skin.

St. Ives also makes many wonderful cream washes for individuals with mature or dry skin. My favorite one is their “Timeless Skin” which has the wonderful fragrance of apricots, and it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your skin more refreshed and youthful.

My favorite brand for facials and masks is FREEMAN. Not only does it cost as little as $3.50 a bottle, but their masks help clean deep down into pores. Their products also help to minimize large pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Next week on “Flair Yourself Friday,” I will be focusing on makeup recommendations and how to pick the right shade of base for you!

As always love and be true to yourself!


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