Flair Yourself Friday: Enjoying Your Perfect Fragrance

perfume bottlesThere is an intimate and physiological association between fragrance and memory. Fragrance can make a woman feel beautiful, powerful or, simply, sweet! Experimenting with various lotions and perfumes is one way to treat yourself, and make yourself feel special. Whether you prefer the cool scent of vanilla, the calming fragrance of lavender or the sweet smell of honey, there is a signature fragrance out there for every woman.

I personally start every morning and end every night with a lotion. Not only are there hundreds of amazing scents out there, but lotion is excellent for keeping your skin more hydrated and youthful looking.

There are also many wonderful bath salts out there that not only smell pretty, but can help you relax and ease aches and pains. If you prefer something more creamy I highly recommend a scented milk bath with a few drops of oil. Just like lotion it is amazing for your skin and can help hydrate dry skin.

For a pick-me-up during the day, body sprays have a nice light fragrance. Body sprays are excellent right after a hot shower or long soak in the tub.

Also, experimenting with various perfumes at your local mall can make for a fun day out, and you may just find a fragrance you absolutely love! Further, you can mix and match your lotions, perfumes and powders to create your own one-of-a-kind, signature fragrance!

As always love and treat yourself well! Every woman deserves to feel unique, appreciated and special!


About Amy: I’m the proud mama of three amy bio pickids, one handsome boy and two lovely girls. Thanks to my husband, an amazing attorney, I’m a stay at home mom! I love art, beauty, cosmetics, DIY, video games and various books. I’m a Jill of all trades, so to speak. My goal is to reach out to other women and connect and learn about many funtabulous things. If you have questions feel free to email me at amy_arias [at] yahoo (dot) com or catch me on Twitter (@AmyLArias). I look forward to hearing from you!

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