CMT’s Sitcom “Working Class” Review

working class reviewI was given the opportunity to preview CMT’s first ever scripted sitcom, “Working Class” starring former “Reba” co-star and scene-stealer, Melissa Peterman and Golden Globe winner, Ed Asner.

“Working Class” is about Carli, a single, twice-divorced mom, working her tail off to make ends meet. She wants desperately to improve her situation for her three kids and live-in bachelor brother.

I had the privilege of watching the premiere episode, The Buddy System, in which an old flame visits Carli, hoping to rekindle their high school romance. Unfortunately, for Carli, he makes a flamboyant move at her new job.

What I really liked about “Working Class,” aside from the the cast, is that it has such a real quality to it. Life isn’t always unicorns and daisies, especially for a single, working class mom. They don’t sugarcoat the struggle, but you don’t feel sorry for Carli, either. You see the fire, ambition and drive in her character, and you can’t help but root for her success.

I’m interested to see what the season brings for Carli and her surly co-worker and neighbor, Mr. Greziak (Asner). While the plot of the first episode was entertaining, a lot of time was spent on introducing the characters and their dynamics, so it will be fun to see how they evolve and change as they tell Carli’s story.

As you can see by the following featurette, “Working Class” shows a lot of promise and boasts a great collection of guest stars from Ryan Stiles to Kathy Kinney.

I think that “Working Class” has serious potential for a long stay on CMT, and can’t wait to laugh as it unfolds.

Peeked your interest? Catch the season premiere of “Working Class” on January 28 at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on CMT.

I was given the opportunity to preview CMT’s “Working Class” through the One2One Network. I was not paid for this review and, as always, my opinions are totally my own. That’s just the way Mama rolls.

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