Give Back This Christmas: It’s Not Too Late

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Most people, unlike me, are finished with the hurry and scurry of the usual holiday preparation rituals.

Cars are being packed. Planes are being boarded.

The celebrating begins tomorrow.

While for most of us, the cares of yesterday melt away for the holiday, there are many, many others who are living without basic necessities, grieving a loss, caring for a sick loved one or surviving some sort of physical or emotional trauma. And these people aren’t all adults, there are millions of children worldwide facing these challenges every day.

It’s not too late to make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas. No matter who you are or what your situation, there’s a way you can help.

Donate money: If the bell ringers have closed up shop, most stores, gas stations and banks have cans or jars to make donations to local or national causes. There are thousands of charities and organizations that accept donations online. Three that are near and dear to my heart are:

  • The March of Dimes- They’re united in a fight against premature births through research and awareness programs. I lost my premature son in 2004. It’s a pain no parent should ever have to live with.
  • Ronald McDonald House – They help provide housing for families while their children are being treated for serious conditions. Hospital bills are just part of the expenses families with ill children incur.

Volunteer: There are many ways to volunteer your time, whether you’re working in soup kitchen over the holiday, writing a post like this one to raise awareness of a cause you believe in or sending an email and committing your time and services to an organization in need.

Pray: No matter what faith you celebrate, there is a common denominator. Love. Pray for peace, outreach, help, hope, healing and love for all those in need. The power of prayer is phenomenal and doesn’t cost a penny.

Give back this Christmas and you just may be changing someone’s life forever.

How do you give back during the holidays?

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