10 Reasons I’m Stoked for School to Start

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I love my sons.

They are truly my lifelong dream come true. It’s a privilege to be home refereeing caring for them every day, and they bring a joy into my life that no other people in the universe could ever touch.

That being said…

I’m counting down the days to their first day of school. (Cough…14…cough, cough.)

Reason Number 1: I haven’t seen an empty sink for more than 1o minutes in the last five years. If I time it right, I can get at least three solid clear sink hours before the hubz comes home for lunch.

Reason Number 2: There will be silence…during daylight…that doesn’t make me wonder what awful experiment I’m going to find taking place.

Reason Number 3: I will be able to work during somewhat normal business hours. Working from home is fabulous, but it’s not as cushy as some might expect, especially when there are kids who need you too. It may seem like I’m always online at my computer, but the truth is, I’m everywhere wifi can take me. I rely on handheld electronics that can travel around the house with me, so I can be a mom and a social media specialist at the same time. And, because my day is so segmented, I often work at night and on weekends too.

Reason Number 4: I will have a fighting chance of keeping more than one room reasonably clean at a time. When I finally have a room spotless, I have about as long as it takes to move all my cleaning supplies to the next room before my trio settles in to leave their mark. It’s maddening.

Reason Number 5: Day dates. The thought of my husband sneakily taking a day off work so we can spend it together without having to find a sitter sounds like a slice of bliss. Having him all to myself, even if it’s only over his lunch hour, will feel like a special treat.

Reason Number 6: I will be able to go to the bathroom without visitors. There is always, and I mean ALWAYS, some sort of kiddo crisis that erupts as soon as my rear meets the seat. The Xbox remote’s batteries go dead. A kitten climbs under the couch. Optimus Prime’s arm falls off. You know…pressing issues and stuff.

Reason Number 7: If I get a phone call, I won’t have three human megaphones go nuts as soon as the phone rings. It would be awesome to hang up on one telemarketer before they pity me and renew their birth control prescriptions.

Reason Number 8: I’m going to take a nap. Not every day — but the first day. After I stop crying because my last baby isn’t a baby anymore, I’m going to lie down on my bed, or the couch, or, hell, the kitchen floor (just because I can), and pass out for the world’s best nap ever.

Reason Number 9: I’m going to seize the opportunity to reclaim my creative mojo. It seems I lost it along time ago, as painfully evidenced by the echoing walls of my blog.  It’s hard to find my funny, my sparkle, my artistic essence, with so many irons in the fire and so many arms pulling me in different directions.

Reason Number 10: I can’t wait to see their excited faces when I meet them at the door. Every day, all year ’round, my kids greet my husband like he’s a VIP when he comes home from work. Me? I’m with them nearly all of the time, 24/7. It’s not exciting to tell me about their day, because I was there with them. When I do leave, it’s for an hour or two at the most, and unless I’m carrying something for them when I walk through the door, they don’t even greet me upon my return. I know it sounds selfish, crazy, probably even awful, but I look forward to being missed a little again. After all, they bring a joy into my life that nobody else in the universe could ever touch.

Are you excited for school to start? Do you have different reasons you’re read to see school get started?

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